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2022-2023 — Microsoft (Los Angeles, CA) Sr. Art Director
2020-2022 — Media.Monks (Los Angeles, CA) Sr. Art Director
2019-2020 — Everything's OK (Los Angeles, CA) Creative Director
2017-2020 — Giant Spoon (Los Angeles, CA) Sr. Art Director
2016-2017 — Graphiq (Oslo, Norway) Art Director / Designer
2015-2016 — SMFB (Oslo, Norway) Art Director / Designer
2014-2015 — TRY (Oslo, Norway) Art Director / Designer


2010-2013 — NABA (Milan, Italy) BA, Art Direction & Design
2007-2010 — NTNU (Trondheim, Norway) BA, Media Studies


I could list all sorts of awards, achieved through collaboration and team effort, but the one below I won all on my own. 
2014-2015 — Young Lions / Film / Silver

Yay. ✌️