Hi, I'm Tiberiu Sirbu, a creative thinker with a taste for new challenges. I design, direct, strategize and occasionally I write lists.

Was born and bred in Romania, next to the crowded beaches of the Black Sea, but matured in Norway, at the end of a quiet little fjord. Thanks to these opposing backgrounds I've learned to embrace change and approach problem-solving with curiosity and grit. Fast-forward some years, and after working in some of Norway's best advertising agencies, I'm now driving creative concepts and crafting campaigns at Giant Spoon, in the sunny heart of Los Angeles.

I aim to understand what really moves people and pair that insight with the best creative solutions possible, always. And so far I've worked with great brands, such as HP, HBO, Apple, Diadora, Circle K, Telenor, Discovery Networks and IKEA.

When offline, I enjoy exploring, skateboarding and geopolitical research.

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