Hi, I'm Tibi*, a creative art director with a taste for new challenges. I was born and bred in Romania, next to the Black Sea, but spent my youth in Norway, at the end of a little fjord. Fast-forward some years, and after working in several top-notch agencies, I now create global creative campaigns in the sunny heart of Los Angeles.
Throughout the years I've worked on a wide range of projects, always aiming to make something authentic and execute it with maximum style. And here I've tried to collect my favorite ones so far.

I believe the key to success lies in understanding what really moves people, and so far I've been fortunate enough to work with some pretty big clients – Nike, Twitch, HBO, Amazon Studios, HP OMEN, Google, Uber, and Apple, to name a few. But in between, I still try to find time for smaller, locally crafted brands – the salt of the earth, so to speak.

Offline, I ride skateboards and cross my fingers. 🤞