Hi, I'm Tibi*, a creative art director with a taste for new challenges. Was born and bred in Romania, next to the Black Sea, but spent my youth in Norway, at the end of a little fjord. Fast-forward some years, and after working in several top-notch agencies, I now create global campaigns at Media.Monks, in the sunny heart of Los Angeles.
Throughout the years I've worked on a wide range of projects, always aiming to make things inspired by something authentic and execute it with maximum style. And here I've tried collecting my favorite ones so far.

I believe the key to success lies in understanding what really moves people, and so far I've worked with big clients such as Nike, Twitch, HBO, Amazon, HP, OMEN, Google, Uber and Apple, just to name a few. But in between, I still try to find time for smaller, locally crafted brands.

Offline, I ride skateboards and cross my fingers. 🤞